MediaPR is a network of senior talent specializing in public relations, print and online press, and writing. Our strength is personalized service and the highest regard to results. Our focus is primarily on tech companies.

We help small to mid-size companies seek public recognition; to improve credibility and to provide the sales team with marketing tools.

We offer the following services:

Content Marketing * Article Placement * Story Pitches * Product Launches * Product Reviews * Customer Case Studies * Thought Leadership * Blogs * Social Media * eBooks * Analyst Relations * Media Training  * Press Releases * White Papers *Awards

What can PR do for you? 

Before making a decision on hiring a PR agency, it’s important to know the tangibles and ask, “What can PR do for my business?

  • Builds credibility
  • Positions as expert
  • Creates visibility as a player
  • Creates sales & marketing assets
  • Moves the organization forward
  • Generates new opportunities
  • Recruits quality hires
  • Boosts pride & morale
  • Enhances corporate culture