icon-marketingWe develop (700-word) Thought Leadership articles bylined by your CEO, seek a blog or publication for its exposure, then gradually over time compile enough of these articles into a designed eBook that you can use to offer as a free download to generate qualified leads. Article placement is a priority: we have a 98% success rate placing articles on behalf of our clients.



Press Relations:

icon-press-relationsWe define a targeted and effective PR strategy, one that will get your story out and secure press coverage in the outlets that reach your customers and partners. Based on years of experience working exclusively with the technology press, we can focus on the relevant publications, editors, reporters, columnists, product reviewers, gurus and influencers that really matter to your business.

Product Launches:

icon-product-launchesWe communicate your business and technology strategy with a clarity that guarantees results. For new products, a special emphasis will be placed on securing product reviews.


icon-interviewsWe monitor daily the best editorial query services – ProfNet, HARO, PR Source Code – to seek interview opportunities and pitch your expertise and comments.


icon-writingAs experts on your company’s strategy, we can create and place for publication compelling content that will sell customers on your value proposition. Press Releases, Byline articles, Customer Testimonials, Q&A’s, Perception Audits, Surveys, Website copy, White Papers, and the latest product information can all showcase your expertise and the value of your company.

Thought Leadership:

icon-thought-leadershipWe interview your CEO or in-house expert and develop an opinion piece good enough for publication.

Customer Case Studies:

icon-customer-case-studiesWe interview your customer for 30 minutes then kick out a testimonial-based profile that includes: Background/ Challenges/ Requirements/ Solution/ Conclusion.

Social Media:

icon-social-mediaWe believe all media is social. We can build and maintain your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels. Other avenues to communicate your value may include Pinterest and Slideshare. The end goal is to establish a community of followers by posting industry news of interest to your customers.


icon-messagingBased on our competitive analysis, MediaPR will help your company craft a simple and compelling message, one that will help customers remember your name and understand your unique value.

Analyst Relations:

icon-analysis-relationsWe can identify the best analysts in your market and arrange briefings with those who influence public opinion on emerging trends and promising technologies.


icon-awardsWe compile an awards list but limit submissions to only the most prestigious events.