What’s Your Story?

We help tell your story and storytelling is marketing.

Public relations has changed dramatically over the last 10 years as the world of print media has nearly evaporated. Still, all media is social. Web publications, industry blogs, social media, eBooks, infographics, and video have expanded the communications landscape by giving marketers new channels of communication.

Yet the central hub of these channels remains the same as yesteryear: a good narrative. Storytelling around the campfire like our ancestors have done for thousands of years, will never fade away. Our new channels of communications are only as good as the story you have to tell.

Storytelling is marketing. Getting your key messages out to your customers and prospects is what marketing is all about. So what’s your story?

Telling your story using today’s outbound communication channels is where MediaPR can help. So how do we help tell your story?

We achieve this by telling your customers and prospects the stories they want to hear, with messages they care about. Messages that resonate. Messages they can act upon. We show them how you understand what problems they face. We talk about the issues, the problems, the challenges, and the solutions, that matter to them most.

Content Marketing is one way to achieve this. What is content marketing? Putting a face to the company is an example. Positioning your CEO and executive spokespeople as chief experts. As industry leaders. As go-to sources. We partner with you to develop stories, then bring these stories to market.

MediaPR combines and exploits all the points of influence – social media, web publications, analyst relations, trade magazines, blogs, customer case studies, your company news – to point business back to your company.

MediaPR goes beyond the use of standard PR strategies. We partner with you to develop original, compelling, editorial features that showcase your best practices, talents and thought leadership. Then we find the magazines and web publications that are willing to publish them. We have a 99% success rate getting our articles published on your behalf.

Over time, your company will gain mindshare and credibility. As Experts. As Leaders. As the people other people want to do business with. As vendors of products and services that companies want to buy.

For over 20 years MediaPR has worked with 50+ clients, mostly startups. 10 of which were acquired by Fortune 100 companies. MediaPR can enhance your corporate reputation and credibility, bringing you into the final round of vendor evaluations. If you want to make your company more attractive to potential customers and as an organization that others want to do business with, then contact us at vcruz@mediapr.net.